Make The Rest Of Your Life Be The Best Of Your Life

About Me

Well, as the title of this blog says, my name is Kenny.

I am getting to that stage in life where I am evaluating my life and lifestyle.

I’m 57 years old and realising that I’m in the last third of my life. Yip it was a depressing thought at first however, after some reflection I changed my perception of this stage of life. Yes, I’m middle aged and heading towards old age but this can be the best years of my life as long as I changed my outlook and lyfestyle.

Getting older isn’t easy or optional so I have to approach it a bit differently from how i’ve been living my life so far.

I grew up in a small village in Lanarkshire, left school at 16 to start work as a trainee chef but only lasted 3 years. Most of my family worked in the nearby psychiatric hospital and although I always said I wasn’t going to work there I started work as a nursing assistant aged 19.

I’ve worked in psychiatric nursing ever since, 37 yers now and still going, and although I took retirement a few years ago I still work a couple of shifts a week on the nurse bank.

I met my wife at work nearly 20 years ago, she was just about to turn 21 and I was just about to turn 37, quite an age difference but we are still very happy and don’t really think about the age gap.

We have two daughters now in their teens. My wife left psychiatric nursing years agoand now works as a registered general nurse and my oldest daughter at just 17 has just been accepted into university to study for her registered general nursing degree, following in her mothers footsteps.

I startred this blog for two reasons. First it is something to keep me occupied now that my childred are growing up and becoming more independant and also I have more time on my hands as I am only working a couple of nights a week. The second reason is that I am at that stage in life that a lot of people my age reach when we realise that life is short and we have to not only take care of our physical and mental health but we also have to enjoy life and make the most of the time we have left.

If you’re reading this blog and are at the same stage of life that I am at then I hope you get something from it, bookmark the site and become a regular visitor.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and reading my posts and story and take care.